February 2015 Web Design Meeting — More CodePen

The next meeting of the PACS Web Design Special Interest Group will be Saturday, February 21, at the usual 9-10 am hour.

This month we will take a closer look at CodePen, an online editor for HTML, CSS, and Javascript. CodePen shows the user live views of a webpage as it is being edited. CodePen has a lot of options for testing code, sharing it, and using the code that others have posted. We will work on incorporating CodePen into our work at the SIG.

Depending on time, we will also look briefly at styling lists and nesting them.

And finally, we will look at a website that provides hours of entertainment that only people like us could appreciate.

For the rest of the day, be sure to check the PACS meeting day schedule for this month’s lineup of meetings.

Be sure to watch the weather forecast and check your email for any schedule changes.

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