January 2014 Web Design Meeting Report

At the January meeting of the Web Design SIG, we continued reviewing the tiled menu example posted at http://line25.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-trendy-flat-style-nav-menu-in-css.

This month, we started with styling lists and then looked a little closer at using the float property to align the list horizontally. As was pointed out, the same effect could be accomplished with display:inline, but we will see later that this approach will not work in our example.

We then looked at overflow and at examples of how that property works and how it can be used to clear floats, as it is in our menu example. For more on overflow, see The CSS Overflow Property. To try it out, use the example at CSS overflow Property.

Next month, we will get into making the tiles and styling them using a CSS sprite.

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