March 2015 Web Design Meeting Report

At the March meeting, we covered some matters left over from the last meeting. As another example of how we entertain ourselves, we looked at a site called Watch Me Work which is described as like the “watch me code” movement but for creatives. This site is just starting, and it has promise if the developers can ramp up the content, but as of this writing, the site appears to be down.

We spent the bulk of the meeting on how to use CodePen. We answered some questions from last month’s meeting:
• The .io extension is from the British Indian Oceans Territory;
• you can apply any license you want to your code if you have a PRO account and keep your pens private — public pens are under the MIT License;
• and you can use the settings editor to change the colors to make the code more visible to you.

We then looked at these videos about CodePen:

Finally, we looked briefly at the CodePen site I set up for PACS where we can post sample code to experiment with. The link is also on the SIG website. I have copied some of our examples from Samples section of this website to our CodePen site.

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