May Web Design SIG — Google Forms

Q: Why did the web developer add body {padding-top: 1000px;} to his Facebook page?
A: Because he wanted to keep a low profile.

The topic for our next meeting will be Google Forms. I recently needed to do a quick form for a site, and I used a Google Form quite successfully. We will look at how they work and build one on the fly as a test. Depending on time, we will look at some more advanced examples of styling forms, and anything else that comes up.

And please note: If you want to raise your profile, don’t rely on padding-top. Your chance to provide leadership for PACS is coming up shortly at our annual meeting in June. Please consider running for a position as Director. The qualifications are spelled out in our bylaws accessible from the About tab of any page. Blank nominating petitions are available there also and will be at the member table in May and June. If you have any questions, ask the president or any other board member.

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