More on “Responsive” Tables

Last season at the CSS Workshop, we spent several meetings talking about responsive web design as it relates to tables. Tables are difficult to make responsive. It is not enough to shrink the table on a small screen because then the data entries become unreadable. The reduced-size table needs to be designed so that the structure is preserved and the data can still be reasonably accessed. We tried out three or four designs that people have come up with to make responsive tables.

I recently ran across an article on this subject called Picking a Responsive Tables Solution. It makes some interesting points about choosing a solution, emphasizing that the solution should be based on the type of data being published and the way people will likely use that data. The writer also gives a list of links to some examples that people have published, a couple of which we used as examples ourselves last year in the workshop.

There is no single solution, so it helps to analyze your site and then experiment with some of the ideas that are out there already.

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