November 2015 Web Design Meeting Report

The November meeting was a continuation of our examination of new CSS properties for laying out elements on a page. We started, however, with some old business.

When we talked about accessibility some meetings ago, the issue of color blindness came up — that the use of color to convey information or directions has to be done carefully in case the reader cannot distinguish between the colors. We revisited that issue by using a recent problem created by the NFL and their “Color Rush” uniforms. The combination of red and green left color blind viewers unable to distinguish the team members. This article describes the problem and has an interesting video showing what the uniforms looked like to a color blind viewer.

We then turned back to CSS Flexbox. We are working on setting up a responsive and easy to maintain way to arrange text boxes on a page. We watchedthis video to see the advantages of using Flexbox over other techniques.

We will have more on this topic in future meetings.

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