November 2016 Web Design SIG – Bootstrap Wrap-up

Bootstrap Tutorails with PACS Web Design SIGIn October we continued our look into the Bootstrap framework. We went through the full process of downloading the framework, and setting up our basic website using the included templates.

We began to look at the GRID sysetm and started building the demo. We discussed the grid system responsive classes.

  • xs (for phones) – no media query – default
  • sm (for tablets) – screen width from 768 pixels to 991 pixels
  • md (for desktops) – screen width from 992 pixels to 1199 pixels
  • lg (for larger desktops) – screen width from 1200 pixels and above

That’s about where we ran out of time following some very good discussion on responsiveness.

For November we will continue on with the GRID system as it applies to responsiveness. Google recently posted an article stating that it had started to up some experimental algorithm changes that makes its index mobile first. Web Savvy Marketing wrote up a nice blog post about it. We will hit on this as we wrap up this segment on Bootstrap.

A few ideas have been floated for our next segment. Feel free to comment below if you have suggestions on where you’d like to see our SIG go next.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Sat, Nov 19 at 9:00 am.


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