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This list is not exhaustive, but it includes sources that I have used and found useful. Links open in new browser windows.

Flat design resources
The November 2013 meeting was devoted to flat design. This page has the resources we looked at during that meeting.
    • Websites
CSS tutorials
This online resource has a set of lessons that will get you started with CSS. A good place to start.
A List Apart
A List Apart is where the cognoscenti post articles on cutting edge topics related to standards-compliant web design. The material is generally not for beginners, but it is good to see what the issues are and to get some insights into how to solve advanced problems.
css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
css Zen Garden is the place where web designers are pushing the envelope. The premise of the page is fascinating: There is an HTML page posted there that is already marked up. The challenge is to create a design for the page using those existing markups. It is amazing to see what people do. Not a beginner’s site, but more of a goal-setting exercise to understand the potential of CSS design.
    • Validators
W3C CSS Validation Service
This free service from the World Wide Web Consortium checks Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in (X)HTML documents or standalone for conformance to W3C recommendations.
Another free service, this one from the Web Design Group, checks style sheets for conformance with standards. The site has not been updated for a while.
    • Color Selectors
HTML named colors
This page is a companion to Niederst, Learning Web Design, 2d edition. On this page are samples of the 140 colors that are recognized by name in HTML.
Web-safe color palette
This page is another companion to Niederst, Learning Web Design, 2d edition. On this page are samples of the 216 colors that are known as “web-safe.”
Web-safe colors
This site has additional information on web-safe colors, plus a nice interface.
Color scheme generator
Todd from our group suggested this tool for generating colors for your site. As he describes it:
This one allows you to pick mono, contrast, triadic, tetrad, and analogical colors. One of the best web design color wheels I found. In addition it allows you to choose light pastel, dark pastel, contrast and pale colors and tells you what types of visional people will be able to see particular colors.
Color wheel selector
This tool lets you select a color from the full range available, and it shows you the nearest web-safe and web-smart colors.
Adobe Kuhler
This new site from Adobe Labs allows users to create color schemes and then to share them.

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