September 2016 Web Design Meeting Report

Go get bootstrap for your next web projectWow! An excellent crowd at the inaugural meeting of the Web Design SIG for the 2016-2017 year. We recorded 22 attendees in our new meeting room.

Matt kicked off the meeting with a brief background on why the new face at the front. Now that that is done with, let’s get into learning all about a very popular web design framework called Bootstrap.

We covered a little background and then saw some code examples to build a very basic site using Bootstrap.

Here is a link to the slide presentation used.  Feel free to take a look. All of the links in it should be live, so you can jump to the resources and demo pages.

Here are a few more resources to dig a little deeper:

Some questions came up during the discussion, and I thought this would be a good place to provide feedback. Please use the comment area below if you have something to add. An interactive discussion here would be great.

  1. How does maxcdn keep up with version changes on bootstrap, and is it secure?
    1. The MAXCDN blog offers an excellent discussion on this topic, with a focus on security. An unfortunate incident back in ’13 jolted them into a new approach to securing the content being offered.
  2. What happens if you spec wider than 12 columns on a row?
    1. I think we’ll need to try that one out and see what happens, or you could dig into the Bootstrap Grid example and play around with it.
  3. What code do I need to write?
    1. The HTML is left as an exercise to the designer/developer.
  4. What doesn’t come with bootstrap?
    1. Bootstrap are the assets that will support your website. Think of it as all the common HTML elements, CSS components, and awesome jQuery plugins to frame out your website. Check out these examples.
  5. What is a CDN?
    1. See Wikipedia article.



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